Marcella's Party

On Sunday July 12, 2005, the life of Marcella Corvino and her contribution to the dance world was celebrated in the form of a garden party at the Corvino home in New York City.
Amidst abundant sunshine, fragrant flowers, delicious food and a superb string trio, more than 150 guests shared memories, laughed and cried, and enjoying visiting with Maestro Corvino.
Sadly, this would be the last time for many of them to see and speak with him. He passed a way seven and a half weeks later.
Here are some moments from that memorable day.....

Welcome to Corvino Ballet

In the 1940s, a young soloist from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo fell in love with and married a beautiful photographer and costume maker from New York City.
The rest is history........
~~~ This site is in    LOVING MEMORY   of these two remarkable people ~~~
                               ALFREDO CORVINO (1916-2005)  
                                                          MARCELLA CORVINO (1918-2004)